After the Appointment

After the dental work has been completed, your anesthesiologist will discontinue the anesthetic and allow you to wake up gradually.   Each patient is carefully monitored during the wake-up to ensure comfort and safety.  Anti-nausea and appropriate pain medications are given prior to wake up to aid in patient comfort.

Each patient must pass a series of tests prior to transfer to a designated recovery room.  Post-operative and post-anesthetic instructions will be given in the recovery room with a period for patient or loved-one’s questions.

Most anesthetic recovery is uneventful and every effort is taken to make sure a smooth wake-up is had.  Any further questions can be asked at the time of appointment scheduling or addressed by calling Dr. Crawford at 262.455.0016

Plan to take the rest of the day off after your dental appointment.  A loved one, relative or friend should drive home and make sure you get inside safely.  We recommend you rest for the remainder of the day after your appointment,  avoid cooking and save any important decisions for the following day.  Dr. Crawford will review these instructions prior to and following your anesthetic appointment.