Before the Appointment

Before the appointment, each patient is called at home and their health history is reviewed by Dr. Crawford.  If a pre-op evaluation exam is necessary, Dr. Crawford will set a time and date to meet the patient and perform a comprehensive exam.  Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia will take care of any consultation with specialists if the patient requires further work-up.

Prior to the appointment, the patient will receive instructions on eating restrictions, appropriate clothing to wear on the day of surgery, and have any questions they may have answered.

NPO (Nothing By Mouth) Regulations:  Please, no food or drink after midnight the night before surgery.   Patients must have an empty stomach the morning of their anesthetic appointment.  Small sips of water can be had with medication on the morning of the appointment.  Failure to comply with NPO regulations will result in cancellation of the appointment for the day and potential loss of security deposit.

Appropriate Dress:  Please dress in comfortable, loose fitting cloths on the day of your appointment.  Tight, constrictive cloths like jeans, leather, turtle neck sweaters can cause constriction and be uncomfortable for the patient as well as make it difficult for the anesthesiologist when applying his monitors.   A blanket will be provided for warmth during the surgery.

A ride home:  Plan to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.  It is against WAA policy to allow a patient to take a cab or bus home after a sedation appointment without a chaperone.  Be sure to plan ahead and make sure a friend, loved one or family member is available to assist you.

Medications:  Because medications vary by patient, Dr. Crawford will review medication guidelines individually the night before surgery.

Please call Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia at 262.455.0016 with any specific questions regarding pre-appointment instructions.