Dental Offices

Here at Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia, our main goal is to provide a safe and stress free anesthetic for a wide variety of patients seeking dental treatment.   Dr. Crawford travels to dental offices with all the equipment, monitors and medication needed to achieve this goal.  Upon arrival at the office, Dr. Crawford will set up a designated operatory for the sedation, taking care to remain out of the way of the surgeon and assistant performing the dentistry.  After the dental work is completed, the sedation medications are discontinued and the patient is allowed to wake up.  Dr. Crawford does not leave the patient’s side from the moment the IV goes in until it comes out and the patient is determined to be stable.  Many patients remain in the dental chair for 10-15 minutes (on average).  They are then moved via wheelchair to a vacant operatory or recovery room where they are reunited with loved ones and post-operative instructions can be relayed.

Check out the FAQs for more information regarding in-office sedation!