Scheduling Policy

By appointment only

At Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia we make every effort to schedule you or your patients in a timely fashion.  Appointments can be made by calling our office at 262.455.0016 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday – Friday.   Appointments are scheduled no further out than 6 weeks on the date of scheduling as per company policy.

The patient is responsible for a deposit at the time of scheduling.  Without this deposit, the appointment time slot may be given to another office and is therefore subject to change.

Special accommodations can be arranged for weekend appointments in emergency situations pending availability of the doctor.

Block appointments can be made at your office for a full morning/afternoon/entire day.  Your office must guarantee at least 4 hours of anesthesia to hold one of these spots.

WAA Available Schedule

Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form above to secure a time that works with you. WAA abides by all HIPPA privacy rules and regulations which protects “individually identifiable health information”. For more information about these rules click here

RED (Dr. Crawford) & Blue (Dr. Hoffner) dates and times indicate there is an existing scheduling obligation and that time slot is full. Click ‘week‘ to view available date / times. Note: morning or afternoon slots may be available on days that have an existing appointment scheduled. Please note the times booked on each given day.

Dr. Crawford Calendar

Dr. Hoffner Calendar