Pediatric Patients

By the year 2020, children will be the largest segment of the population in our great country. With this large population of millennial parents raising children comes a great need for dental care.   Many communities are seeing a decrease in the number of pediatric dentists in their areas and an ever-increasing population of kids coming to the dentist with oral health care needs, especially early childhood caries.

Children with autism, behavioral management issues and developmental delay can be difficult to manage in the dental chair without pharmacological or restrictive stabilization techniques. IV sedation is an excellent alternative to the potentially traumatic restrictive stabilization.

Many pediatric dentists are trained and utilize oral conscious sedation as a management tool in their practices for those patients that require sedation.   Sometimes this treatment fails to provide the level of sedation, and thus, cooperation can be difficult or impossible.


At WAA, we treat children ages 2-12 with state of the art techniques, medications and monitors to ensure an appropriate depth of anesthesia allowing the pediatric dentist to focus on the dentistry instead of managing the patient’s behavior. Efficiency in the office is greatly enhanced when incorporating IV sedation or general anesthesia for your pediatric patients with behavioral management issues.

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