What to Expect



Here at Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia, our priority is first and foremost safety.   Your entire experience with our doctor and staff should be as pleasant as the anesthetic itself.  Lets run through what a typical anesthetic consists of, from start to finish…..

A typical sedation or general anesthetic case will consist of the following:

1 – Scheduling a date for the appointment with the dental office in coordination with the anesthesiologists and staff

2 – Expect a call from Dr. Crawford or Dr. Hoffner to review your health history and answer any questions you may have prior to the surgery

3 – Dr. Crawford or Dr. Hoffner will call again the night before the scheduled appointment to review Pre-Anesthesia instructions and go over the anesthetic plan

4 – The day of the appointment, Dr. Crawford or Dr. Hoffner will arrive at the dental office with state of the art monitors, anesthetic and emergency equipment and prepare the dental operatory for the day’s surgery.  We bring everything needed to run a moderate, deep or general anesthetic for that days procedure

5 – The patient will have his pre-operative vitals assessed and an IV placed after a consent for the anesthesia is signed

6 – The planned anesthetic begins shortly after and continued for the duration of the dental appointment

7 – Upon completion of the surgery, the patient is gradually aroused from his/her anesthetized state while Dr. Crawford or Dr. Hoffner monitors vitals and assures the comfort of the patient

8 – Each patient is re-assessed and deemed clear to leave the office only when he/she can pass a series of post-anesthetic assessments

9 – Either doctor is available for questions and concerns after hours if the patient requires any further care