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Dr. James Crawford

Dr. Crawford was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin into a family of dentists.  After graduating from Tremper High School, he went on to receive his Bachelors of Science at the University of Iowa.   Dr. Crawford always knew he wanted to go to dental school but didn’t realize he would take a keen interest in Anesthesiology until he was accepted into the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine in 2009.   After two years working hard as a dental student, Dr. Crawford did a rotation through the Center for Patients with Special Needs at Pitt.  It was here he began running sedation and general anesthesia cases.

After realizing dental anesthesiology was his calling, Dr. Crawford, along with another dental student, revived the Dental Anesthesia Club for Students at the University of Pittsburgh.  He also was accepted into the anesthesiology selective as a fourth-year dental student where he learned early on how to place IVs, dose drugs accordingly and intubate patients for general anesthesia.  Dr. Crawford graduated from dental school in 2013 and was accepted into anesthesia residency at the University of Pittsburgh. During his 3-year residency in Dental Anesthesiology at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Crawford published three articles and gave numerous CE lectures on the topic of anesthesia and sedation in the dental office.  Extensive OR training in pediatric, adult, geriatric and special needs anesthesia was all part of Dr. Crawford’s tenure at UPMC Hospitals and Clinics. Dr. Crawford finished his residency in July of 2016 and moved back to his home state of Wisconsin where he loves to hunt, fish and camp during all seasons of the year.  He is founder and president of Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia, SC based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin and serves a wide range of pediatric, adult and special needs patients.

Safety is my number one priority when treating you or your loved ones.  Whether it be a moderate, deep or general anesthetic, comfort and safety is always paramount……creating a relaxing and anxiety reducing environment with state of the art monitors and medications so the dentist can focus on what he or she  does best.  The dentistry.

Dr. Crawford is BLS, ACLS, PALS and board certified.