As essential providers, we understand your dental needs are a priority and that your procedure may include advanced anesthesia services with us.  We are dedicated to providing outstanding mobile anesthesia services during these difficult times. Our protocol for patient safety will not be compromised.  We follow a strict checklist of safety and may ask you or your loved ones to provide us with some additional information.

The doctors at Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia are committed to providing safe and effective anesthesia services to our patients.  Due to COVID-19 we are implementing some changes to our usual personal protective equipment protocol.  In addition to standard protective equipment, our new PPE includes N95 masks, face shields, gowns, and surgical caps. There will also be a limitation in the number of patients in our doctor’s offices at one time while we maintain only necessary contact with caregivers and family members.  It is of the utmost importance that our patients, staff and doctors remain safe during this time of uncertainty and we fully support any changes to appointment dates or times.  If you have any questions, we are here to help.  Please call us at 262.455.0016

Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.

Dr. Crawford and Dr. Hoffner

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Our goal is to provide safe, effective and efficient anesthesia services to the dental community in order to increase patient access to care.  Thank you for visiting the WAA site.

Any questions or comments can be answered via email at DrCrawford@WisconsinAnesthesia.com

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The first step towards a relaxing dental experience is to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form below. Our scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment. If you are an existing patient, this contact form should not be utilized for communicating private health information.

Treatment Coordinators: Please review the schedule below.   Enter your office information into form and NOT patient information.  Our scheduling coordinator will contact your office and get pertinent patient information over the phone.  Patient sensitive information can be sent to Dr. Crawford at drcrawford@wisconsinanesthesia.com

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Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form above to secure a time that works with you. WAA abides by all HIPPA privacy rules and regulations which protects “individually identifiable health information”. For more information about these rules click here

Click one of the doctor names below to view calendar details. Please note, dates and times indicate there is an existing scheduling obligation and that time slot is full.  Click ‘week‘ to view available date / times.  Note: morning or afternoon slots may be available on days that have an existing appointment scheduled.  Also note the times booked on each given day. 

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