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Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia


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Office Based Anesthesia

Serving Wisconsin and Illinois since 2016, Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia (WAA) is a group of experienced board certified dentist anesthesiologists providing comprehensive anesthesia services for dental providers in Wisconsin & Illinois. 

Each of our anesthesiologists is equipped to deliver customized anesthetics for pediatric, adult, and patients with special needs in the comfort of your dentist's office.

Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia practices the full spectrum of dental anesthesia; from sedation to intubated general anesthesia. WAA provides anesthesia for a wide array of patients; pediatric to the elderly, those who are sick, have special needs requirements, and those who are healthy, but have extreme dental phobia or a severe gag reflex.

Our priority remains in providing the safest and most comfortable patient experience.


We bring state-of-the-art advanced anesthesia equipment to the practice. As your partner, WAA assumes full responsibility for management and control of all anesthesia-related equipment. Our goal is to standardize the surgical-suite setting for our providers, eliminating variance and thereby increasing provider comfort while decreasing overall patient risk.  

Anesthesia Dentistry

Looking for the best dental anesthesia experience in Wisconsin and Illinois? All of our anesthesia providers are Dentist Anesthesiologists. We bring a specific skillset of understanding the complexity of each dental procedure and how it impacts the various levels of anesthesia required for your patient to have a comfortable and safe experience. Our ambulatory services offer you the opportunity to practice dentistry and perform your dental treatments without the worries associated with dental anesthetic and patient management. With the addition of a Dentist Anesthesiologist, you are able to treat patients more safely, practice more efficiently, and increase productivity.

Affordable Dentist

When compared to the hospital setting, office-based anesthesia is often much more affordable to the patient. For the office, we make a seamless addition to coordinate appointments allowing for more treatment to be completed in less time.